We will do our best to supply more improved products
to simplify your production process and cost reduction.


Henkel operates worldwide with leading innovation, brand & technologies in a business area : Adhesive Technologies

Henkel is headquartered in Germany and has a wide range of products and systems, ranging from general industry, automotive and electronic adhesives to highly detailed surface technology.

We have a wide range of business areas in countless fields such as automobiles, buildings, computer airplanes, factories, cameras, mobile phones.

In Inochem, we will do our best to supply more improved products to simplify your production process and cost reduction.

we provide UV glue, structural adhesive, epoxy, Macromelt, etc.



Prism Instant Adhesives

It binds small parts of all materials such as metals, ceramics, ceramics, plastics, rubber, leather, vinyl, cork, paper, wood,


Flange Sealants(Anaerobic)

This product replaces paper, compressed asbestos, fiber, cork gasket, solid gasket, and solvent sealant for flange sealing and provides excellent sealing power.


Flange Sealants(Silicone)

Loctite silicone gasket products are ideal for sealing gaskets required for automotive industry, heavy equipment, construction equipment, various machinery, pump and facility maintenance.



Henkel’s hotmelt products are ideal for bonding automotive interiors and laminating fabrics, and can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the material of the interior and the fabric.



It is a product for cylindrical subassembly of various pulleys, sprockets, bearing bushings, sleeves, liners, etc. It shows perfect sealing force to eliminate parts movement, prevent corrosion and wear of machine, , Spline, pin, and key.


Retaining Compound

Loctite Threadlocker is a product that is sealed and fixed by chemical method instead of mechanical methods such as lock washer, spring washer, nylon ring and pin when assembling various threaded parts.



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